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    If you have been injured as a pedestrian, you may be entitled to compensation from the person responsible for your accident. Pedestrian compensation claims can arise from road traffic accidents, road defects or even as a result of the negligence of a cyclist. Regardless of how your pedestrian accident occurred, if you have suffered loss as a result of an injury sustained through no fault of your own, you deserve compensation.

    Our specialist lawyers here at Tinsdills understand how much your claim means to you. Suffering an injury can put a strain on your finances, especially where you are unable to work or are out of pocket for the cost of treatment or care. Contact our specialist passenger claims lawyers today to find out how you could make a compensation claim.

    Making a Pedestrian Personal Injury Claim

    If you have been involved in a road traffic accident as a pedestrian, you may be concerned about who to bring your claim against. This will depend greatly on the circumstances surrounding your accident. If you are hit by a car, you will bring your claim against the driver of the car and their insurers will pay your personal injury compensation if you are successful. Even if you are partially at fault you can still make a personal injury claim so long as another party was at least partially to blame for causing your injury.

    When you call our specialist team, we will be able to advise you of whether you are eligible to bring a claim, and also who you should bring your claim against. After this has been determined, we will work on assessing how much compensation you are entitled to for your injury and loss. You may be awarded compensation for the pain and suffering associated with your injury as well as quantifiable financial loss. Financial loss is also known as ‘special damages’ and includes things such as: loss of earnings, loss of future earnings, damage to property, medical costs including rehabilitation, care costs, any cost for modifying your home to accommodate your injury and also anything else for which you have been left out of pocket. After we have assessed how much compensation you should be paid, we will forward these details to the party at fault for causing you injury.

    Most pedestrian accident claims settle out of court, and we will negotiate a settlement amount with the other side on your behalf. Our solicitors have years of experience in negotiating with insurers and strive to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

    Contact Tinsdills Pedestrian Accident Claims Lawyers – Hanley, Sandbach, Leek and Newcastle-under-Lyme

    Our team of pedestrian claims experts have years of experience in handling personal injury claims for injuries of all types, and can help you make a claim for compensation today. We are not only experts in the law, but we also pride ourselves on customer service and keeping our clients happy with our service. We have offices in Hanley, Sandbach, Leek and Newcastle-under-Lyme. If you want to begin your claim with us today, call us now or fill out our online enquiry form and we will get back to you.

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