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  • Fatal Accidents

    Some accidents result in the death of the victim. Alternatively, deaths occur as consequence of occupational diseases or clinical negligence. In these cases the claim survives for the benefit of the victim’s Estate. Additionally, in appropriate cases compensation can be recovered for the victim’s surviving spouse or partner and dependants.

    Fatal accidents shatter families and cause financial hardship. If you are affected by a fatal accident it is therefore important to make sure you understand the options available to you so that you can claim appropriate compensation for yourself and any other family members who may have expected to receive financial or other assistance from the victim.

    In the weeks and months after a death occurs family members will often be faced with having to respond to enquiries from the Coroner. They may also have to attend a Coroner’s inquest. It is important that we are contacted early enough to assist you in advising about the inquest process. It is also helpful if we can attend the inquest to listen to the evidence and to represent your interests.

    In fatal accident claims it is also usually necessary to obtain a Grant of Representation (either Probate or Letters of Administration) from the court before claim can be concluded.

    Tinsdills provide:

    • Lawyers with the experience of undertaking detailed investigations of the facts relevant to your claim;
    • Representation at Coroner’s Inquests;
    • Assistance with obtaining a Grant of Representation;
    • Advice on the law affecting the Estate’s entitlement to compensation and the entitlement of any dependants;
    • Advice on the law affecting the assessment and quantification of damages (compensation) for the Estate and for any dependants;
    • Experienced and level-headed advice about the funding required to bring your claim;
    • Access to the appropriate legal and other experts upon whom you will rely establish your claim and to value your losses;
    • Guidance through the process of court proceedings, if necessary, to obtain the remedy (compensation) the Estate and any dependants are entitled to receive;
    • Skilled negotiation where a settlement can be achieved without court proceedings;
    • Access to advice on the management, investment and protection compensation awards after the claim is concluded.

    No amount of money can ever compensate for the loss of a life. It can, however, help to ease the strain on families financially. We have specialist solicitors who deal with fatal accident claims sensitively, compassionately and effectively.

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