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  • Child Arrangements

    Matters affecting children can be highly sensitive as well as complex. Child-related problems can arise upon separation/divorce but also upon the death of a parent or where social services have become involved.

    We offer special expertise in this area including living arrangements and contact, parental responsibility and other related issues.

    If matters cannot be settled out of court then advice will be offered in relation to issuing court proceedings under the Children Act 1989 and the role of CAFCASS should such proceedings take place.

    Often the use of mediation can be a great first step to helping you on the way to resolve such highly sensitive matters and indeed is a pre-requisite to court proceedings in most cases.

    Child Maintenance

    Child Maintenance is financial provision made towards the everyday living costs of a child once you have separated.

    The level of maintenance can be agreed between you, and payments can be made without reference to an official body.

    In the event that you cannot reach an agreement, or you require assistance as to what the correct level of maintenance should be, then a referral to the Child Support Agency/Child Maintenance Services can be made by either parent.

    We can assist you in reaching an agreement with your ex-partner or in relation to any other issues in respect of Child Maintenance.

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