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    Bad debts can affect cashflow, drain resources and impede business efficiency. Every business should have effective cashflow procedures in place. Outstanding invoices can be a company’s biggest “asset”. Turning this asset into cash is essential to enable a business to progress. No doubt you will have your own credit control procedures, but sometimes that may not be enough to force payment. Before you take Court action, you are required to try and resolve the matter. This will involve us sending a letter of claim in the first instance and sometimes receiving a Solicitor’s letter may be all that is needed to prompt payment.

    We recognise that a busy company may not have the time or resource to pursue bad debts but we do. We also have the expertise and can do this efficiently and cost effectively. Many businesses, big and small, outsource their debt recovery to specialist solicitors. A debt recovery letter from a solicitor is more likely to force prompt payment and avoid litigation. Our involvement should allow the business relationship between you and your customer to continue.

    Instructing us to deal with your debt recovery means that you can get on with the running of your business, safe in the knowledge that bad debts are being pursued .

    Meet our specialist Debt Recovery Team

    Martin Roberts
    Mark Turner

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