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  • Purchases & Sales of a Business

    Buying or selling a business is nearly always more complex in practice than it seems over an initial meeting. Good legal advice at an early stage is always necessary to avoid valuable time and money being lost, either because renegotiation is necessary later down the line, or even worse because a bad deal wasn’t recognised and walked away from near the outset. We have experience of transfers or sales of businesses in a number of different sectors and industries.

    We act on behalf of sole traders, partnerships and limited companies in connection with the sale or purchase of their businesses. We prepare and advise on asset sale and purchase agreements which include goodwill, fixtures and fittings and usually involve some form of property transaction, be it the sale/purchase of freehold property, the assignment or surrender of an existing lease or the grant of a new lease.

    We also work in conjunction with Tinsdills Corporate Team to provide comprehensive and tailored advice in connection with the sale and purchase of business shares:

    Many sales and purchases of businesses will also include the transfer of employees of the business, and to advise Sellers and Buyers on employment matters we liaise with Tinsdills Employment Law Department.

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