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Q: What is the process for purchasing a property and how can I juggle this when working full time, my lunch hour just isn’t long enough?

Once you have instructed a Solicitors to act on your behalf you will need to provide their contact details to the estate agent. The Estate Agent should then issue your Memorandum of Sale (which has the necessary contact details of all parties involved in the transaction). In the meantime your solicitor will need to see and copy your original Identification Documents. Following on from both of these your solicitor may request an initial payment to contribute towards the start of the necessary searches on your prospective property. Upon receipt of contract documents your solicitor will start investigating the property and

Appeal won to challenge Sharland’s and Gohil’s divorce settlements

Marie Proud, from Tinsdills Solicitors says “These decisions made by the Supreme Court show that dishonesty will not be overlooked and justice will prevail.”

She advises “if you are currently going through a divorce or settlement that it is imperative that full details of your financial means need to be disclosed as part of dealing with matrimonial financial settlements otherwise you could find this happening to you.”

Sourced from the BBC: 14 October 2015

Alison Sharland, who accepted £10m in her divorce, and Varsha Gohil, who got £270,000, say the men hid the extent of their wealth when the